Recycling and Reusing materials

Hamza Recycling Services In Metro Vancouver & The Lower Mainland.

Hamza Demolition & Disposal Ltd. cares about our environment by providing exceptional residential, commercial and industrial recycling services to Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland region. Whether it is residential goods such as electronics or industrial materials that require removal and recycling, such as wood, drywall, metals, concrete, and more. Hamza Demolition & Disposal Ltd. will complete all of our projects on time, on budget and on value with full concern and emphasis on the environment.

We believe in protecting our environment by providing professional and efficient recycling services. Dependable, hassle-free and stress-free. Let us remove what you don’t want around so that you can focus on the big picture and making things new again.
*Hamza Demolition & Disposal Ltd. recycles any and all items possible when removing them from a site. 
Our end-goal is to achieve absolute client satisfaction.

Let us show you why countless businesses and professionals trust and rely on Hamza Demolition to complete their recycling needs with full satisfaction.